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2006 Office Bearers

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Penshurst RSL's Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday evening, 2nd November, 2005. For 2006, all members of the Executive Committee were re-elected. They are:

President Ken Harris
Secretary Debby Lee
Treasurer Darren Campbell
Senior V-P Darryn Springett
Junior V-P Peter Ross

A full list of office bearers that were elected by the club members in attendance follows.

President                    Ken Harris
Secretary                    Debby Lee
Treasurer                    Darren Campbell
Senior Vice-President   Darryn Springett
Junior Vice-President   Peter Ross
Assistant Secretary      
Leonie Dufty
Social Secretary           Katrina Russell

Publicity Officer          Dave Cahill

Junior Development      Leonie Dufty

Head Coach                 Brian McCulloch

Registrar                     Dave Cahill

First Aid Officer           Max Simmons

Gear Steward              Graeme Hemopo

Canteen Manager         Kelly Campbell
Raffle Coordinator        Brian McCulloch
                                 Dave Cahill
Darren Campbell

 Youth Club Delegate     Matt Sloane News

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