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Logo Survey

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Draw 17th and 18th August

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Draw 17 18 Aug

August club meeting

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There will be a club management meeting at 7.00pm on Wednesday night (14th August) at Penshurst RSL.
We would love to see at least one representative from each team present. Matters to be discussed include, finals procedures, presentations/awards and end of year trophies.
Hope to see you there.

Club Logo

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0n 24th July at a Special General Meeting club members passed a Special Resolution adopting the Kookaburra as our official club mascot.

Our next step forward is the design of a new club logo. Club members, players and families are invited to submit drafts, drawings and concepts to the club’s email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 In mid August we will select the best designs to be forwarded to a graphic designer who will be engaged to present us with a number of options for the future logo.

 The final logo decision will be subject to a club wide poll before being submitted to the Management Committee who will make the final decision.

 To be considered any designs will need to meet the minimum criteria defined in our clubs amended rules as follows.

 The club Logo shall be decided on by the Management Committee and shall reflect both the clubs RSL heritage and the Club Mascot.’

Kooka Draft

Notice Of Special General Meeting

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Notice is hereby given that a Special General Meeting of Penshurst RSL Junior Rugby League Football Club will be held at Penshurst RSL commencing at 7.00pm on 24th July 2019.

The meeting will consider two Special Resolutions. Links to the resolutions and the related Code of Conduct are below.

Only financial club members are permitted to vote at general meetings.

Team Photos

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We will be taking Team Photos this week end before games. Could Team staff please ensure your teams are ready 30 minutes before kick-off in full club gear.


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