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Draw - Week 06.2007 (11-13 May)

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The draw for week 06 has been published and features the Craig Rimmer tournament for all Mod league teams.

We also have a double header at HV Evatt park this weekend - hosting on Saturday one division each from the under 10s and 11s of the Craig Rimmer tournament and on Sunday most of our International teams.

As always, all hands are needed to help on the BBQ and in the canteen, especially Saturday when we have many visiting teams.

 Saturday, 12th May, 2007 
Peakhurst Park9.40am
u6Penshurst RSL GreenHurstville United White
Redmond Field9.40am
u6Penshurst RSL GoldRenown United White
Riverwood Park10.20am
u7Penshurst RSLHurstville United White
Riverwood Park11.40am
u8Penshurst RSLRenown United Green

 Craig Rimmer Tournament 
Peakhurst Park1.32pmDiv 2u9Penshurst RSLHurstville United White
Peakhurst Park1.54pmDiv 2u9Penshurst RSLRenown United White
Peakhurst Park2.38pmDiv 2u9Penshurst RSLArncliffe Scots

Riverwood Park12.50pmDiv 1u10Penshurst RSL GoldHurstville United
Riverwood Park1.34pmDiv 1u10Penshurst RSL GoldBrighton Seagulls Red
Riverwood Park2.40pmDiv 1u10Penshurst RSL GoldKingsgrove Colts Blue
H.V. Evatt Park9.00amDiv 2u10Penshurst RSL GreenKingsgrove Colts Red
H.V. Evatt Park9.44amDiv 2u10Penshurst RSL GreenRenown United
H.V. Evatt Park11.40amDiv 2u10Penshurst RSL GreenBrighton Seagulls Blue

Redmond Field12.52pmDiv 2u11Penshurst RSL GoldKingsgrove Colts Blue
Redmond Field1.35pmDiv 2u11Penshurst RSL GoldKogarah Cougars
Redmond Field2.20pmDiv 2u11Penshurst RSL GoldEarlwood Saints
H.V. Evatt Park12.24pmDiv 1u11Penshurst RSL GreenKingsgrove Colts Red
H.V. Evatt Park1.30pmDiv 1u11Penshurst RSL GreenRenown United
H.V. Evatt Park2.36pmDiv 1u11Penshurst RSL GreenHurstville United

Hurstville Oval11.40amDiv 2u12Penshurst RSLArncliffe Scots
Hurstville Oval12.46pmDiv 2u12Penshurst RSLEarlwood Saints
Hurstville Oval1.30pmDiv 2u12Penshurst RSLRenown United White

 Sunday, 13th May, 2007 
H.V. Evatt Park9.00am
u14Penshurst RSLBrighton Seagulls
H.V. Evatt Park10.05am
u15Penshurst RSLHurstville United
H.V. Evatt Park11.10am
u21Penshurst RSLKings Head Cowboys
H.V. Evatt Par12.30pm
u17Penshurst RSLArncliffe Scots
H.V. Evatt Park3.10am
u19Penshurst RSLBrighton Seagulls News

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