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Week Nine 2006 Fixtures

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In the week 9 draw, all bar 3 of our teams are at home at H.V. Evatt Park this weekend. Only the under 6 Golds, under 16s and under 19s are on the road.
This is another double header for us at Evatt Park. Again we need assistance from our parents - in the canteen, on the BBQ, setting up and cleaning up the park - particularly in the hour before your son's game. All help is appreciated.
Saturday, 3rd June
Cahill Park 9.00am u6  Penshurst RSL Gold Arncliffe Scots
H.V. Evatt Park 9.00am u6  Penshurst RSL Green Renown United White
H.V. Evatt Park 9.40am u7  Penshurst RSL Arncliffe Scots
H.V. Evatt Park 9.40am u8  Penshurst RSL Renown United Green
H.V. Evatt Park 10.20am u9  Penshurst RSL Green Brighton Seagulls Blue
H.V. Evatt Park 11.10am u9  Penshurst RSL Gold Renown United
H.V. Evatt Park 12 noon u10  Penshurst RSL Green Penshurst RSL Gold
H.V. Evatt Park 12.50pm u11  Penshurst RSL Renown United White
Cahill Park 2.30pm u12  Penshurst RSL Arncliffe Scots
Kent Rd 5.00pm u16  Penshurst RSL North Ryde
Sunday, 4th June
H.V. Evatt Park 10.35am u13  Penshurst RSL Kingsgrove Colts
H.V. Evatt Park 11.40am u14  Penshurst RSL Brighton Seagulls
H.V. Evatt Park 3.10pm u18  Penshurst RSL Hurstville United
Mascot Oval 1.10pm u19  Penshurst RSL Mascot Juniors News

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