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Club Contact Details

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Penshurst RSL Rugby Leagues phone numbers have been changed. To phone or fax us, please use the following numbers...

        Phone :   02 9596 0697
        Fax     :   02 9596 0697

Notice of Management Committee Meeting

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A Management Committee Meeting, to be held in the Legends' Lounge of Penshurst RSL, has been scheduled at 7:30pm on Tuesday 12th December at 2006. The purpose of this meeting is to fill the casual vacancy (President), nominations of which are now open and will close at 5pm on Friday 8th December 2006. All nominations should be in writing and can be sent to The Secretary, Penshurst RSL JRLFC or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If the casual vacancy is filled by an existing member of the executive, an additional casual vacancy will be created at that time (our club rules state that “…no person may hold more than one position on the Executive Committee…”). Nominations for any additional casual vacancies that may be created during this meeting will be taken as they occur. The election(s) to fill any additional casual vacancies will also be held at the same Management Committee meeting.

Due to the nature of the meeting, only certain members are allowed to vote. Eligible voters will be deemed as follows:
  -   Life Members
  -   Members of the Executive
  -   Members holding a position on the committee e.g. Canteen Manager, Social Secretary etc
  -   One delegate from each team

2007 Office Bearers

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At our AGM on Wed 15th Nov, the office bearers for 2007 were elected. Welcome to Leonie Dufty and Graham Chong Sun as debutants on the Executive, however, we were unable, for the time-being, to appoint a President. The new executive is...
President vacant (as at 15th Nov '06)
Senior V-P Darryn Springett
Junior V-P Graham Chong Sun
Secretary Leonie Dufty
Treasurer Darren Campbell
Appointment of a President will require the approval of a Management Committee meeting. Please watch this space for further advice from the executive about the processes and timing to fill the casual vacancy.

2007 Office Bearers

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At the Management Committee meeting, held on Tues 12th Dec, the office bearers for 2007 were finalised. Congratulations to Darryn Springett who has taken on the club's presidency for 2007. There was a reshuffle of positions, with Darren Campbell leaving the bean counting role to fill the gap left by Darryn. Welcome to Steve Rogers who now joins Leonie Dufty and Graham Chong Sun as debutants on the Executive. The new executive is...
President Darryn Springett
Senior V-P Darren Campbell
Junior V-P Graham Chong Sun
Secretary Leonie Dufty
Treasurer Steve Rogers
Best wishes to the new executive for a propserous season in 2007.

Annual General Meeting - 2006

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All club members are encouraged to attend our AGM, Wednesday 15th November, 7.30pm in the auditorium of Penshurst RSL.

As our secretary, Debby Lee, and president, Ken Harris, are standing down at the end of this year, there will be at least 2 vacancies on the executive committee.

Make sure that you have a say in the future of your club by attending the AGM to vote on all office bearer positions, or consider standing for a position yourself to make a greater contribution to your club.

Green & Gold Presentations - 2006

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The efforts and achievements of Penshurst RSL Rugby League in season 2006 were rewarded and celebrated on the weekend 14th and 15th October.

The traditional Green & Gold Presentation was held in Penshurst RSL's auditorium on the Saturday evening for our International teams and for our club awards. The following morning at Evatt Park, Penshurst RSL junior Craig Stapleton was guest of honour at the Green & Gold Picnic day for our Mini and Mod teams.

In a packed to capacity auditorium, the Green & Gold Presentation recognised and rewarded our international players and club officials for their efforts in 2006. Highlights of the night were...
* Presentation of Life Membership to Michael Baihn for outstanding service to the club over the past 13 years
* Recognition of a successful season when the under 19s' Kevin Hadfield was named Coach of the Year
* Presentation of Clubperson of the Year to our hard working Senior Vice-President, Darryn Springett

And a big thank you to everyone that helped make the Green & Gold Picnic day such an enjoyable day for our younger players. All of the field activities combined with the presentation of the Mini and Mod team awards by Craig Stapleton made an ideal conclusion of another successful Penshurst RSL season. News

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