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under-construction-200x200You may have noticed some changes happening on our website.

We are working on updating the layout and content so we can provide you with a contemporary and relevant web page

We welcome your comments on what you would like to see, or not see, on this site. Follow the link to our Facebook page to leave your comments.

All positive and constructive feedback is welcome


The Hall of Fame section has been updated with a list of Penshurst players that have gone on to play with NRL Teams
The About Us menu has had the Club Song added - no more excuses to not know the words :)
Wet Weather information has been moved to the top menu options

The Club History section of the web page has been split across 3 pages. The History page has been refreshed and two new sub menu options have been added; Life Members and Hall of Fame.This was done to try and put all of this information into logical groupings while making it easier to navigate through these sections of our site.

Out of District Parks map has been added to the Park Locations page. This is not a complete list but will be updated once the 2014 draw is known.

The Grounds page has been renamed to Park Locations and has been moved to the top menu options. The map has also been updated on this page. Currently this only shows in district parks but will be updated soon with out of district parks. News

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