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u13 GF Report Provided By Sean Saliba

The coaches (Jim Pizanias & Sean Saliba) rate the performance of this team in the last 3 months as ‘outstanding’, including the Grand Final, they had won 11 from 12, and the game we are not counting as a win was called off just after half time due to a player injury, hence not completed. We also had another 20 to 0 win in pouring rain cancelled, so potentially the boys were on 13 straight to finish 2013.

We started our Grand final warm up with a sharp preparation where the boys displayed a professional attitude way beyond their years. (This being a reflection of the influence from the older teams at our Pasta / motivational night prior).We retreated (prior to kick off) to the dressing room where we had Todd Greenburg address our team with an excellent motivational spiel, followed by instructions from coaches, then ‘quick speeches’ from trainers and Captain (Ryan Economu).

In short, the boys went out and ‘ripped up’ opposition in true Penshurst football style / culture, as explained to them by Ryan Tandec (A Grade Captain + Club Captain) the previous night.

Our 9, 6, 7, 1, (Chris, Ben, Nick, and Kozza) were exceptional, and thoroughly outplayed the opposition in every facet of the game. Our forwards (Ryan, Harris, Mark, Harry, Mitchell) were mighty and physically dominated in tackles and hit ups. The oppositions defence had no idea were our runners were coming from due to smart inside balls, face balls, and second man plays. The boys were courageous and mistake free. Pretty soon we were up 26 to 0 and it was half time.

The boys went out in the second half giving the opposition a repeat dose of the first half ambush, and we finished game with a  glorious 44 to 8 victory.

Our wingers and centres were exceptional by finishing all our plays with tries, and defended astutely (Witerianna, Dylan, Sam, Adam, and Jacob). Our subs were exceptional in their work also – Thomas, Jaimie & Timmy, thus really showing their ability.

Congratulations to Harris for winning Man of the Match!! & bagging several tries.

Congratulations to Dylan for his outstanding goal kicking, including a few from out wide.

In conclusion, an excellent and memorable win for our Mighty Club, and a great experience for the boys and coaching staff.

Thanks to Graham Chong Sun our manager, and trainers Matt, Jason, & Kerry. A special mention to my co-coach Jim Pizanias who assisted to add polish and smarts to our teams attacking plays. News

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