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Draw - Week 01.2008 (5-6 April)

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Season 2008 kicks off this coming weekend, 5th-6th April, with a full book at HV Evatt Park. Most of our Mini and Mod teams will be at home for the first weekend of the competition. The exceptions are the u6s who play at Scarborough Park from 9am with the u11 Greens playing at Bexley Oval from 1.20pm.

Parental help is required on the BBQ and in the canteen at Evatt in the hour preceding your child's game. Your assistance is appreciated and essential as these are important fund raisers for the club and therefore, your child.

On Sunday, at Beverly Hills Park, the u14s and u15s follow each other and at Bexley Oval, the u13s open the day's play and the u19s close it.

Please note that the u21s competition starts in another week or two's time.

 Saturday, 5th April, 2008 
Scarborough Park 9.00am u6 Penshurst RSL
Brighton Seagulls Blue
H.V. Evatt Park 9.00am u7 Penshurst RSL Green
Renown United White
H.V. Evatt Park 9.00am u7 Penshurst RSL Gold
Riverwood Legion
H.V. Evatt Park 9.40am u7 Penshurst RSL Gold
Kingsgrove Colts
H.V. Evatt Park 9.45am u8 Penshurst RSL
Riverwood Legion
H.V. Evatt Park 10.30am u9 Penshurst RSL
Renown United
H.V. Evatt Park 11.20am u10 Penshurst RSL Green
Penshurst RSL Gold
H.V. Evatt Park 1.10pm u11 Penshurst RSL Gold
Kingsgrove Colts Blue
Bexley Oval 1.20pm u11 Penshurst RSL Green
Hurstville United
H.V. Evatt Park 2.10pm u12 Penshurst RSL
Kingsgrove Colts Blue

 Sunday, 6th April, 2008 
Bexley Oval 9.00am u13 Penshurst RSL
Hurstville United
Beverley Hills Park 10.05am u14 Penshurst RSL
Kingsgrove Colts
Beverley Hills Park 11.10am u15 Penshurst RSL
Kingsgrove Colts
Bexley Oval 1.35pm u19 Penshurst RSL
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