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Draw - Week 12.2007 (22-24 June)

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On the off-chance that the sun will break-out long enough to enable a game of football to take place, below is the confirmed draw for week 12. Please note the change in time of the u19s game and the addition of a deferred game for the u21s on Sunday afternoon.

This draw is supplied on the presumption that green surfaces will reappear from neath their aquatic coverings.

 Friday, 22nd June, 2007 
Beverly Hills Park 7.30pmu21Penshurst RSL
Holy Cross

 Saturday, 23rd June, 2007 
Bexley Oval9.00amu6Penshurst RSL Gold
Hurstville United Blue
H.V. Evatt Park9.00amu6Penshurst RSL Green
Earlwood Saints
H.V. Evatt Park9.00amu7Penshurst RSL
Earlwood Saints
H.V. Evatt Park9.40amu8Penshurst RSL
Earlwood Saints Red
H.V. Evatt Park10.25amu9Penshurst RSL
Renown United White
Scarborough Park10.25amu10Penshurst RSL Green
Brighton Seagulls Red
Scarborough Park12.05pmu10Penshurst RSL Gold
Brighton Seagulls Blue
H.V. Evatt Park12.55pmu11Penshurst RSL Green
Penshurst RSL Gold
H.V. Evatt Park1.45pmu12Penshurst RSL
Hurstville United

 Sunday, 24th June, 2007 

u14Penshurst RSL
Peakhurst Park12.45pmu15Penshurst RSL
North Ryde
Peakhurst Park3.10pmu17Penshurst RSL
Con Bur Maroon
King George Park2.55pmu19Penshurst RSL
Holy Cross
Hurstville Oval3.10pmu21Penshurst RSL
Renown United News

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