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Week 16 Fixtures 2006

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Due to a wide range of factors, the washed-out games from last week (Week 15) have been abandoned. This coming weekend (Week 16) has been planned for a number of weeks by the junior league and a large number of activities have been organised around it.
On Saturday, all of our Mini and Mod teams are on the road, evenly split between Scarborough, Riverwood and Renown Parks. On Sunday, our International teams are at home at Evatt Park. Advice on the under 19s' game has not yet been received.
Week 16 is the final weekend of competition games in most grades and the final game of the season for our Mini teams - u6 Golds, u6 Greens, u7s and u8s. If you can make it to any of the Mini games, please do so and give them a big cheer. There is always a body of opinion that rates these grades as the most entertaining to watch.

 Saturday 29th July, 2006
Riverwood Park 9.40am u6 Penshurst RSL Green Earlwood Saints
Scarborough Park 9.00am u6 Penshurst RSL Gold Brighton Seagulls Blue
Scarborough Park 9.40am u7 Penshurst RSL Brighton Seagulls
Renown Park 9.40am u8 Penshurst RSL Renown United White
Riverwood Park 11.45am u9 Penshurst RSL Green Riverwood Legion
Renown Park 10.25am u9 Penshurst RSL Gold Renown United
Renown Park 12.05pm u10 Penshurst RSL Gold Kogarah Cougars
Riverwood Park 12.35pm u10 Penshurst RSL Green Arncliffe Scots
    u11 Penshurst RSL Bye
Scarborough Park 1.00pm u12 Penshurst RSL Brighton Seagulls
 Sunday 30th July, 2006
H.V. Evatt Park 10.05am u13 Penshurst RSL Leichhardt Wanderers
H.V. Evatt Park 9.00am u14 Penshurst RSL Brighton Seagulls
H.V. Evatt Park 12.15pm u16 Penshurst RSL Kingsgrove Colts
H.V. Evatt Park 3.00pm u18 Penshurst RSL Paddington Tigers
To be Announced   u19 Penshurst RSL ? News

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