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Results - Week 09.2007

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Results from week 09...

 Friday, 1st June, 2007 
Mascot Oval
u21Penshurst RSL32

 Saturday, 2nd June, 2007 
Renown Parku6Penshurst RSL Green12
Renown United White38
Cahill Parku6Penshurst RSL Gold6
Arncliffe Scots20
Cahill Parku7Penshurst RSL34
Hurstville United Blue4
Renown Parku8Penshurst RSL14
Renown United White34
Peakhurst Parku9Penshurst RSL36
Earlwood Saints4
Cahill Parku10Penshurst RSL Green12Arncliffe Scots28
Cahill Parku10Penshurst RSL Gold50
Kogarah Cougars4
Beverly Hills Park u11Penshurst RSL Gold4
Kingsgrove Colts Blue36
Peakhurst Parku11Penshurst RSL Green42
Earlwood Saints6
Beverly Hills Park u12Penshurst RSL28
Kingsgrove Colts36

 Sunday, 3rd June, 2007 
H.V. Evatt Parku14Penshurst RSL0
Kingsgrove Colts50
H.V. Evatt Parku15Penshurst RSL14
North Ryde26
H.V. Evatt Parku17Penshurst RSL6
Hurstville United50
H.V. Evatt Parku19Penshurst RSL68
Arncliffe Scots0 News

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