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Results - Week 07.2007

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Results in week 07 for Penshurst RSL teams were a mixed bag - some good, even big wins and some tough losses. The weekend started with a deferred game for our under 21s when the ground was disappointingly closed due to rain early Friday.

But the action started early and was bright on Saturday morning as our Mini teams participated in the St George Mini Gala day. No results were recorded, but our kids played well, enjoyed themselves and came away with a smart junior league rash shirt.

Meanwhile, at Evatt Park, the u9s won a nail-biter right at the death, the u10 Greens played valiantly against a stronger opponent before succumbing late in the game, the u10 Golds recorded a strong victory, the u11 Golds were also valiant in defeat, the u11 Greens were outsized by much bigger opponents and the u12s posted an outsized win.

On Sunday, while the u14s had the Bye and u17s won on forfeit, the u15s posted their second consecutive victory and the u19s convincingly won their top-of-the-table clash.

 Friday, 18th May, 2007 
DEFERREDu21Penshurst RSL
Renown United

 Saturday, 19th May, 2007 

 Mini Gala Day
Riverwood Parku6Penshurst RSL Gold
Hurstville United White
Riverwood Parku6Penshurst RSL Green
Renown United Green
Riverwood Parku6Penshurst RSL Gold
Kingsgrove Colts
Riverwood Parku6Penshurst RSL Green
Kingsgrove Colts
Riverwood Parku7Penshurst RSL
Hurstville United Blue
Riverwood Parku7Penshurst RSL
Riverwood Legion
Riverwood Parku8Penshurst RSL
Earlwood Saints Red
Riverwood Parku8Penshurst RSL
Kingsgrove Colts

H.V. Evatt Parku9Penshurst RSL20Renown United White18
H.V. Evatt Parku10Penshurst RSL Green0Kingsgrove Colts Blue40
H.V. Evatt Parku10Penshurst RSL Gold34Kingsgrove Colts Red6
H.V. Evatt Parku11Penshurst RSL Gold0Kogarah Cougars22
H.V. Evatt Parku11Penshurst RSL Green0Kingsgrove Colts Blue38
H.V. Evatt Parku12Penshurst RSL86Renown United Green0

 Sunday, 20th May, 2007 

u14Penshurst RSL
St Patsu15Penshurst RSL22Leichhardt Juniors14
Goddard Parku17Penshurst RSLWOFConcord Burwood MaroonLOF
Bexley Ovalu19Penshurst RSL24Hurstville United6 News

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